Tadelakt & Gekolakt

Gekolakt is a 100% natural decorative lime finish plaster inspired by the Moroccan tadelakt.

Saviukumaja´s Gekolakt is an innovative Estonian product that follows thousands of years old exotic traditions. Its production process uses both the solar energy and regional natural materials.

Gekolakt-covered surfaces are silky and have a specific shine to them, hiding within themselves the strength of natural stone. The surface is water-repellent and joint free, which is why it is also suitable for finishing moist rooms, corner showers, baths, and sinks. Gekolakt is flexible in mirroring the surface of its under layment, which enables using it in curvy spaces, small niches and protruding formations.

Gekolakt is a creamy white dry powdered plaster mix, ready for use just by mixing in some water. Adding mineral pigments allows you to create a limitless selection of tones. In order to get a water-repellent surface, traditional methods and tools of working with tadelakt should be used: a polishing stone, olive oil soap and dedication. The result is an exclusive and unique surface.

Polishing stones for Gekolakt are handmade of porcelain.

Gekolakt (0-1mm)

20 kg 2,5-5 kg/m² 3-5 mm White (can be toned)