Finish clay plaster

Traditional finish clay plaster from South Estonia.

Saviukumaja’s finish clay plasters are 100% natural and produced using solar energy. Clay plaster creates a soft, secure, warm, and cosy atmosphere in an interior. Saviukumaja’s finish clay plasters may be used without altering their natural, traditional tones.


Saviukumaja´ s finish clay plaster is a dry mixture, which comprises top-quality clay, 0-2 mm sand that has been carefully selected using a grading curve, and fibre of cattail.


Suitable for plastering different surfaces in indoor conditions. Used for finishing the clay plater base coat. Suitable for plastering different surfaces (wood, stone, bricks, clay, lime and other mineral plasters, reed board, straw walls, concrete blocks, Aeroc, Fibo, etc).

Colour range

Dark red, red, brown, blue and grey.


Clay plaster adjusts the air humidity in rooms, accumulates heat, inhibits the formation of mould, neutralises electromagnetic pollution, suppresses echoes, and is suitable for people suffering from allergies. Saviukumaja’s clay plaster has great adhesiveness and surface resistance. It is 100% natural and reusable. It is possible to shape round edges and different forms.

Base surface

The base surface must be stable, weight-bearing, dry, absorbent, adhesive, and definitely clean from dust, paints, and lubricants (oil, grease, etc.). We recommend using a Saviukumaja´s thin reed mat when plastering wooden surfaces (logs, boarding, chipboards and other wood-based boards with a smooth surface); use a Saviukumaja´s reed board, natural fibreboard, corkboard or other natural insulation material for insulation. We recommend using a fully covering jute fabric from Saviukumaja’s selection to reinforce plaster in the second layer (with an overlay of 7–10 cm).


If you use Finish clay plaster as the final layer, we recommend applying Saviukumaja’s finish primer on the surface. To achieve smoother surface textures or textures with a thinner grain pattern, we recommend using Saviukumaja´s fine finish clay plasters, which come in range of different tones and can be enriched with different decorative natural additives. Finish clay plaster can be also covered with Saviukumaja´s clay paint.

Finish clay plaster (0-2 mm)

25 kg 3.00 m² 1.50 m² Cattail Red ochre, dark red, brown, grey, blue  
500 kg 60.00 m² 30.00 m² Cattail Red ochre, dark red, brown, grey, blue  
1000 kg 120.00 m² 60.00 m² Cattail Red ochre, dark red, brown, grey, blue