Reed board

A Natural thermal and sound insulation board, made of Estonian reed.

The panel-maker machine press them and inserts a zinced wireframe due to maintain the compression and a regulaar shape. At the end the bounds are trimmed with special mechanical cutters.

The reed is the best of all the other insulating material considering the energy cost. Insulating with reed panels it cost, in terms of PEI, 30 times less than usingPolyurethane. In the following scheme common insulating material are compared and sorted by PEI cost (the primary energy index, PEI, which estimate the energy flow into a product, considering all the production phases, the energy losses). Other values: W/mK is thermal conductivity and µ is vapuor diffusion resistance factor.

Isulant W/mK µ PEI MJ/kg
Phragmites Australis (Reed) 0,055 2-4 0,54
Cellulose - bow 0,040 1-2 2,94
Cork- panels 0,045 10-15 7,05
Wood fiber panels 0,045 5-10 17,00
Rock wool 0,040 1-2 22,12
Glass wool 0,040 1-2 34,60
Expanded polystyrol 0,040 20-200 99,20
Expanded Polietilen 0,040 2000 107,20
Extruded polystyrol 0,035 80-300 110,20
Polyurethane 0,030 30-100 126,20

Reed board (25 & 50 mm)

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