Inspired by traditional recipes - Lime mortar for masonry and repointing


Saviukumaja's Lime mortar is prepared according to the traditional recipe. It is a dry mixture, that comprises high-grade hydrated lime CL90, crushed limestone sand and carefully selected 0-4 mm sand using a special grading curve.


Suitable for masonry and repointing both outdoors and indoors, including in moist rooms. Also suitable for plastering. Suitable base surfaces: wood, stone, bricks, clay, lime and other mineral plasters, reed board, straw walls, concrete blocks, Aeroc, Fibo, etc.

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Saviukumaja’s Lime mortar is a moisture-permeable material with great surface resistance, plasticity and adhesiveness; it is resistant to slight movements in walls (sinking).

Base surface

The stone must be absorbent, have good adhesive properties, and clean from dust, paints, and lubricants (oil, grease, etc.). The base surface for plastering must be stable, weight-bearing, dry, absorbent, adhesive, and definitely clean from dust, paints, and lubricants (oil, grease, etc.). We recommend using a Saviukumaja´s thin reed mat when plastering wooden surfaces (logs, boarding, chipboards and other wood-based boards with a smooth surface); for insulation, use a Saviukumaja´s reed board, natural fibreboard or corkboard. Use a fully covering jute fabric from Saviukumaja’s selection to reinforce plaster in the second layer or a plastic net with a minimal loop size of 7 × 7 mm (in the case of facades), the overlay should be 7–10 cm.


We recommend using Fine finish lime plasters for finer repointing or Fine finish clay plasters for coloured repointing in the interior.

Lime mortar (0-4 mm)

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