Fine finish lime plaster

A contemporary finishing material with a fine structure.

Fine finish lime plasters have good adhesiveness, workability, and surface resistance, which therefore makes them suitable for even the most demanding of surfaces. They are also suitable for finishing moist rooms. We recommend using Savikumaja´s Gekolakt to finish surfaces that are in direct contact with water.


Saviukumaja’s Fine finish lime plasters are dry mixtures, that includes high-grade hydrated lime of the CL90 variety and different sands that have been carefully selected using a special grading curve, which ensure excellent workability and surface resistance.


Used for finishing lime and other mineral plasters both outdoors and indoors, including in moist rooms. It is also suitable for finishing plasterboards, gypsum fibreboards, and natural fibreboards as well as for refurbishing old lime-plastered surfaces.

Colour range

White, extra white. Natural pigments can be used for dyeing.


Lime plaster adjusts the air humidity inside the room, inhibits the formation of mould, is suitable for people suffering from allergies, free from harmful contaminants, and has antistatic properties. Saviukumaja’s Fine finish lime plaster is a moisture-permeable material with great surface resistance, plasticity and adhesiveness. It is resistant to slight movements in walls (sinking).

Base surface

The base surface must be evenly level, dry, absorbent, and definitely clean from dust, paints, and lubricants (oil, grease, etc.). Base surfaces must be pre-moistened to improve adhesiveness and protect the plaster from excessively fast drying.


We recommend using Saviukumaja’s Primer for finishing surfaces indoors, use Saviukumaja’s Brush Brush and roll-on lime plaster to cover surfaces outdoors. The fine finish lime plasters can be toned with Savikumaja´s Fine finish clay plasters or mineral pigments if so desired. Plastered surfaces can be covered with natural dyes or wallpapers.

Fine finish lime plaster (0-1mm)
Download guide Fine finish lime plaster Saviukumaja
Fine finish lime plaster (0-0,5mm)
Fine finish lime plaster extra white (0-0,5mm)
Download guide Fine finish lime plaster Saviukumaja

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