Fine finish clay plaster

Use Saviukumaja´s fine finish clay plaster to create healthy, modern and elegant interior.


Saviukumaja´s Fine finish clay plasters are dry mixtures, that includes clays of different colour and 0-1 mm sands that have been carefully selected using a special grading curve, which ensure their great workability and surface resistance.


Used for finishing clay, lime and other mineral plasters indoors. Also suitable for plastering plasterboards, gypsum fibreboards, and natural fibreboards.


Clay plaster adjusts the air humidity in rooms, accumulates heat, inhibits the formation of mould, neutralises electromagnetic pollution, suppresses echoes, and is suitable for people suffering from allergies. Saviukumaja’s clay plaster is 100% natural and reusable. It is possible to shape round edges and different forms. Saviukumaja’s clay plaster has great adhesiveness and surface resistance. No pigments have been used in the fine finish plasters, clays of different colour have been used instead.

Base surface

The base surface must be evenly level, dry, absorbent, and definitely clean from dust, paints, and lubricants (oil, grease, etc.). We recommend applying Saviukumaja’s Primer on clay plastered base surfaces. This helps prevent the mixing of the colour of our fine finish plaster with the base coat, enhances adhesiveness, and prevents the finishing mixture from drying too fast. Uncoated surfaces need to be moistened before plastering. We recommend using Saviukumaja’s Fine finish lime plasters in the case of smooth surfaces with poor adhesiveness (concrete, plasterboards, etc.) to improve adhesiveness beforehand.


We recommend applying Saviukumaja’s Primer on the surface

DEKO series

Natural additives: straw, flax, seashells, cornflowers, coloured marble.

Colour range

Over 40 different colours - choose yours!

Fine finish clay plaster colour card Saviukumaja
Fine finish clay plaster (0-1mm)
Fine finish clay plaster DEKO (0-1mm)
Download guide Fine finish clay plaster Saviukumaja

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